• Data (Exit Velo, Pop Times, Pitcher Strike %, 78′ Times, etc.) – CLICK THIS LINK FOR DATA (see tabs at bottom of page for more items)
  • Throwing Notes
    • Arm Scale 1-5 (1 and 2 skip throwing???, 3 scale it back some…# of throws and distance, 4 and to go)
    • Pulldowns 5-6
    • Use the cage nets to get more needed
    • IF, OF, C continue to add positional work to throwing work – CLICK THIS LINK FOR OPTIONS
    • Post Throw and Recovery Work is always on the plan (SEE TABLE ON THE PLAN)
  • This Week Competitions
    • All Grade 10-12 Pitchers (Strike/Ball Percentages)
    • All Grade 10-12 Exit Velo (those who don’t do it today should do it Friday)
    • Rundowns
    • Notecard Accountability
  • JOEY VOTTO VIDEO LINK DISCUSSING HITTING (take a minute and watch)
  • Plan for Thursday, February 9, 2023